Why Triple Purified Water is a Must-Have for Sensitive Skin

January 26, 2015 Posted by Simple January 26, 2015 CategoryProduct



Sensitive skin can become easily irritated in the harsh winter months. The cold weather and mood altering effects of not getting sun can increase sensitivity, so using gentle skincare products is important.


We have an open secret at Simple Skincare, and it’s one of the main reasons why our products are so good for sensitive skin in the harsh winter months.


Aside from the fact that Simple Skincare is made with no parabens, harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes, we also have something special called triple purified water.


Triple purified water is water that’s been filtered multiple times to remove impurities and anything that might irritate your skin. Unfiltered water is full of impurities and to lessen the chances of irritation, we use only triple purified water in our products.


It’s just one of the many ways that Simple Skincare products are kind to sensitive skin.  If you haven’t tested skincare with triple purified water yet, January is the perfect time to add some Simple Skincare to your routine.