What a Daily Commute Can do to Your Skin

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What a Daily Commute Can do to Your Skin

If you’re lucky enough to live close to work in your city, now you can consider yourself even more fortunate because commuting isn’t just an annoying hour you spend stuck in traffic or on a train, it can also take a toll on your well-being and your skin.


A stressful commute can negatively affect your skin and your health, says Psychiatrist Dr. Josie Howard. Considering the fact that many people don’t live in walk-able cities, does that mean we’re doomed to suffer from our commute, getting more and more frustrated and stressed in the process? Not so, says Dr. Howard.


She says that countering the potential negative effects of commuting is less about the time you spend stuck in a car and more about what you do with that time.


“The commute to work can be a time of relaxation for quiet reflection and goal planning – or it can be a time of panic!” says Dr. Howard. Obviously, going with the former option will have a positive impact on your health, and by extension your skin too.


Increased stress has some scary consequences for your skin and your health in the long run.  Dr. Howard says that stress is a big trigger for skin sensitivities That can range from dryness, redness, and inflammation to a worsening of skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and psoriasis.


The most important thing is to learn to use this time as a health enhancing part of your day rather than an added source of frustration and stress.. Put on your headphones and write down some goals, if you’re taking the bus or train.  This is a golden opportunity for some healthy day dreaming.


If you’re behind the wheel, Dr. Howard recommends carpooling to use this time as an opportunity for community and social support.


Enjoy Your Ride!


What a Daily Commute Can do to Your Skin