Wellness Tip: Sleep in Cooler Temperatures

July 1, 2013 Posted by mvais@sapient.com July 1, 2013 CategoryWellness

Wellness Tip: Sleep in Cooler TemperaturesSkincare products can do a lot for your skin, but to get naturally glowing skin, a good nights sleep is a must. So if you want to have beautiful skin, investing in anything that will help you sleep is always worth it.


If you’re trying to save money on bills by not turning on the AC before bed, remember that a cooler room may actually help you sleep better. Psychiatrist and Simple Advisory Board member Dr. Josie Howard says, “Keeping your room cool will lower your body temperature, which can help you sleep more soundly.”



Because getting a good night’s sleep is should be a no-brainer, we often end up making it less of a priority. We tell ourselves that tomorrow it will be an early night, but night after night of excuses can ultimately lead to sleep deprivation.


When it comes to skincare, skimping on sleep is a mistake that shows.


“Our skin needs sleep so that it can repair overnight by producing collagen and keratin,” says Dr. Howard. “These proteins help structure our skin and they keep it looking young and fresh.”


So, this summer give yourself permission to indulge in plenty of R&R!



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Wellness Tip: Sleep in Cooler Temperatures