The Surprising Effect Music Can Have on Skin

September 20, 2013 Posted by September 20, 2013 CategoryWellness

The Surprising Effect Music Can Have on SkinNow you have a new reason to listen to your favorite tunes at work.


The happiness you feel when listening to a good song not only makes you feel good, it has a big and very measurable impact on your skin, and overall health.


Psychiatrist and wellness expert of the Simple Advisory Board, Dr. Josie Howard says that, “On a microscopic level, stress promotes the release of pro-inflammatory stress hormones as well as… The skin’s barrier function is impaired so it’s less able to protect itself.”


A good example of this is getting a rash or a pimple when you are really stressed.


Another bad effect of stress is anxiety, which can make you more likely to pick or touch your face. As we’ve all heard, touching your face spreads bacteria and can irritate your skin.


Thankfully, there’s a really easy and fun way to fight any blues. All you have to do is listen to your favorite tunes. (Don’t laugh. We’re serious.)


Listening to music can change how you see yourself, and they way others see you.


“Turning down the volume on our thinking, analytic minds and turning up the volume of pleasurable sounds can lead to positive feelings of joy and relaxation,” says Dr. Howard.


All those positive vibes will take down the stress hormones in your system that could be causing your skin to be more sensitive.


So turn up the beat when you’re getting ready, or anytime you need a pick me up. Your skin and mind will thank you!


For wellness tips from Dr. Howard visit the Simple Skincare YouTube page.


Keep the good vibes going!