The Skincare Essential for Winter

January 15, 2015 Posted by Simple January 15, 2015 CategorySkincare



It’s January and there’s no escaping the fact that it’s officially winter.  You’ve stayed up late at the holiday parties, stocked up on warm winter gear, but what about your skin?


December was a time to indulge and while there’s nothing wrong with that, skin can pay the price for all of that fun. Late nights, rich foods and seasonal weather changes can upset your skin.


To keep your skin healthy, the number one thing you’ll need in January is hydration. Here are the three main reasons why hydration is a must in the wintertime.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Cool temperatures can leave your skin feeling parched. When you combine the cold with drying indoor heat, it’s a recipe for dehydrated skin. To fight this, take a two-way approach to caring for your skin.


Keep an herbal tea at your desk, and drink lots of it throughout the day to hydrate from the inside. The second thing you can do is start the day with a hydrating cleanser to nourish your skin.


Plump It Up

Dehydrated cells shrink and shrivel which can bring out fine lines and make skin look duller. Drinking eight glasses of water a day will plump up your cells and flush out toxins. This will help your skin look more radiant and give you a visible glow.


Of course, switch to a rich moisturizer in January, like the Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer.


Dryness Equals Sensitivity 

Dehydrated skin can be more prone to sensitivity, and while not all dry skin is sensitive, dryness can be a sensitivity trigger.


Change-up your routine for winter by drinking lots of water and using hydrating skincare products, from the face wash to your moisturizer.


We all know that hydration is good for your skin but the truth is, it’s more of a skin saver during the harsh winter months.