The RIGHT Way to Remove Makeup

September 14, 2014 Posted by September 14, 2014 CategorySkincare

The RIGHT Way to Remove Makeup

At the end of a long day, the first thing we want to do is jump straight into bed. However, your nighttime routine has a big effect on the skin you’ll see in the morning.


You might not think that you need a guide to removing your makeup. Just wash your face and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. The right kind-to-skin nighttime beauty routine will wipe away not only your makeup, but pollutants and harsh chemicals too. It will also leave your skin soft and hydrated with nourishing vitamin E and glycerin.


Here’s a foolproof guide for a perfect #NoMakeupWakeup routine:

1. Wipe away eye makeup with a Simple® Eye Makeup Pad. Always start from the nose and move toward the temple. If you’re wearing a lot of eye makeup, only use the pad twice per eye. Don’t rub! Use a second pad to remove the rest of your makeup.



2. To remove surface dirt, oil & makeup, use a Simple® Cleansing Facial Wipe first. Start at your forehead and wipe down to the sides of the face to the chin, leaving the nose and mouth last, so you don’t spread germs.


3. For a deep clean, wash with Simple® Moisturizing Facial Wash using lukewarm water. Gently massage a hazelnut-sized amount of wash into skin with gentle, circular movements to increase circulation. Concentrate on those parts of your face where dirt & makeup gather, like the sides of nose, chin and hairline. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.



4. Pat dry with a soft clean towel or cotton t-shirt. Don’t rub because it can irritate skin.



5. Squeeze out an almond-size drop of Simple® Replenishing Rich Moisturizer and massage with hands. Apply to face, neck, chest and hands with upward, outward movements. Don’t pull down on skin — this can increase sagging.