The Power of Touch

January 21, 2014 Posted by January 21, 2014 CategoryWellness

The Power of TouchNot a hugger? You might become one, after learning that giving a hug has some serious health benefits for both the hug receiver, and the giver.


Getting a little closer, and even light, friendly touching in the context of conversation helps remind us that we are not alone and increases feelings of connection.


If becoming a big teddy bear isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. Even a small change in body language can add a little touch to your life and make you feel happier. Not everybody has to be a social butterfly, but because connections make us feel good, hugs have a real impact on our looks too.


According to Dr. Josie Howard, a member of the Simple Advisory Board, “Social connections can help reduce stress and boost your mood.”


Touching doesn’t mean giving every new acquaintance a bear hug. Dr. Howard says that even just touching a friend’s shoulder during an animated conversation is enough to get the mental benefits of hugs.


So make it a personal goal to get a little closer to at least five people today – not only will it do your soul good, but it might also offer some warmth amid this seasonal chill!


Hug it Out,


The Power of Touch