The Essential Guide to Glowing Skin in the Cold

October 28, 2014 Posted by October 28, 2014 CategorySkincare

The Essential Guide to Glowing Skin in the Cold



As chilly weather sets in you might notice that your skin can become dull but too sensitive to exfoliate. This might be because you need to change up your exfoliation routine for the season.


In the cooler months, wind and weather can dry out sensitive skin. The dryness is what can cause flaking and dullness in skin. The best solution is to follow the checklist below for gentle exfoliation.


Check Your Scrub
First, toss the scrub that uses harsh chemicals, perfumes, dyes and plastic scrubbing beads, which can irritate skin. We recommend a rice grain scrub, like our Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub. It’s gentle and provides a thorough cleanse.


Switch Things Up
If you like to exfoliate in the morning, try switching to a nighttime routine when it becomes colder so outside weather elements aren’t hitting newly exposed skin when you venture outside in the morning.


Scrub, Don’t Rub
When using the scrub, gently glide your fingers over your face in upward, circular strokes. Allow the scrubbing beads to do all the work. Be careful not to rub. That can cause irritation and increase sensitivity.


Next, dial down on the number of times you exfoliate to avoid irritating your skin. If you scrubbed daily in the summer, take it down to two to three times a week and see how your skin reacts.


If you notice any irritation, reduce exfoliation to just once per week but if your skin feels healthy, you can increase to four to five times per week.


There’s no reason to say goodbye to an exfoliating routine when it gets cooler. Just adjust your routine and your skin will keep glowing all year long.