Summer Songs for Better Skin: Yes, Really!

August 13, 2014 Posted by August 13, 2014 CategoryWellness

Summer Songs for Better Skin: Yes, Really!

Nothing says “summer” like listening to the “song of the summer” and we bet you didn’t know that listening to positive, and fun tunes can give you better skin!


Before you rush to put on the headphones and put away your skincare products, let us explain. Stress hormones can cause long-term damage to skin. They can also make it more sensitive and worsen existing skin sensitivities.


One of the most effective ways to de-stress is to put on your favorite happy song. It puts you in a better mood, which can help decrease stress, and in-turn help your skin. This article from the Academy of Dermatology can help explain what we mean.


In the name of better skin and fun times, we put together a playlist that features our favorite songs of the summer.  Check out our Kind to Skin playlist below, and let the good times roll!