Stay Stress-Free this Black Friday

November 27, 2013 Posted by November 27, 2013 CategoryWellness

Stay Stress-Free this Black Friday

Black Friday can be the best day to score jaw-dropping deals for your holiday gift list… but it can also be a really stressful day to do shopping.


Pushing through the crowds, running around the mall to various stores and feeling sleep-deprived is a part of many people’s Black Friday experiences.


Getting through this day stress-free takes a little bit of planning, but follow these basic steps and you’ll be going home happy and relaxed instead of tired and tense.


Get Some ZZZ’s
Passing time with family and reminiscing with cousins you haven’t seen in awhile can have you up late on Thanksgiving night. If you plan to wake up early for a Black Friday, commit to a set bedtime so you’re not groggy on your big shopping


Not getting enough sleep also has a negative impact on your skin. Simple Advisory Board psychiatrist and wellness expert Dr. Josie Howard says, “Our skin needs sleep so that it can repair overnight by producing collagen and keratin. These proteins help structure our skin and they keep it looking young and fresh.”


Visit Just (GASP!) One Store
If you’re looking to avoid running around like mad, then have a list ready and stick with just one store for your purchases. This helps you feel in control and stops you from getting overwhelmed.


App it Up
Yes, there are tons of apps for crazy holiday shopping, but there’s a good reason for this… they can be your best friend on Black Friday. Check out the app store on your smart-phone for the latest tools that can make your shopping less stressful on Black Friday. These apps can help you create your own shopping list, map your mall or Black Friday agenda, compare prices at various stores and supply new coupon alerts right to your pocket.


Happy Black Friday! 

Stay Stress-Free this Black Friday