Power Trips: Recharge with a Vacay

November 20, 2013 Posted by mvais@sapient.com November 20, 2013 CategoryWellness

There are times when we all want to run away to a tropical island so we can lay around on the beach, and many wellbeing experts say that sometimes that’s exactly what you need.


It’s fair to say that vacations aren’t valued in our culture. Working hard and climbing the career ladder are usually high on the priority list. Many people feel guilty when taking a vacation, but it’s very important for your mental and physical wellbeing to take this time for yourself.


And we’re not talking about taking a few long weekends. We’re talking a real, 2-week, no-more-checking-work-emails getaway.


The Power of Vacations
If you work too long without taking a break, your chronic stress levels increase. This has an impact on your health, skin, appearance, and your ability to solve problems.


When you’re constantly sweating project deadlines your body gets exposed to long-term chronic stress. Chronic stress can break down collagen in your skin, which can make you look older, make you more vulnerable to sickness and mess with your sleep and reasoning skills.


Of course when you have a huge unfinished to-do list the last thing on your mind is a vacation, but giving yourself time to recharge will allow you take charge of your life in a more effective way.


Plan Your Getaway
You don’t need to have a ton of money or plan an extravagant overseas getaway. Look at local tour books, and Google charming small towns in your state. You’ll be surprised at what is hiding right in your backyard.


First, decide the total amount can afford to spend and stick to that number. Make a list of attractions, restaurants and historical sites in your destination area. Write a spending list to make sure that you’ll stay within this budget, and check deal websites for bargains on local food and entertainment.


Many wellness experts find that planning a vacation can actually release just as much stress as taking one, so an effective planning process won’t just make things easier for you, but it will also be good for your mental health.


So put down the spreadsheet and start planning your next trip.


Bon Voyage!