Power of Puppies

January 28, 2014 Posted by mvais@sapient.com January 28, 2014 CategoryWellness

Next time someone tells you that watching cute animal videos at work is procrastination, tell them that you’re taking a mental break because according to mental health experts, watching and spending time with animals is very good for your well-being.


We live a life of meetings, busy schedules and after-hours work projects. While chasing your dream job or promotion is great, taking a few minutes every day to decompress is equally important. A short mental break will let you blow off steam and work more effectively.


Taking time off is especially important for people who get stressed easily, which considering our hectic lifestyle, is just about everybody these days.


When you’re taking care of a furry friend, it creates a sense of responsibility and routine, which makes you feel more stable and in control of your life. With a pet you always get rewarded for the effort you put in, and this eases everyday tension.


The unconditional love that pet’s give is another big benefit of being a pet owner. It’s true that dogs are probably the most affectionate animals, but having any pet is good for you.


Besides putting a smile on your face, one of the best things about owning a dog is it can keep you in good shape. All those daily walks and runs you do with a dog burn calories and help keep you happy and healthy.


So visit your local shelter and see if any little critters steal your heart.


Happy Puppy Watching,