Mental Prowess: “De-stress to Improve Skin Health”

June 17, 2013 Posted by June 17, 2013 CategoryWellness

Mental Prowess: “De-stress to Improve Skin Health”

You have a very powerful tool in your skincare arsenal, and it won’t cost you a cent to use it: your mind! When you relax, Simple Advisory Board psychiatrist Dr. Josie Howard says it can help the appearance of your skin. Not to mention, you get to feel good while looking good!

Dr. Howard says this downtime is very important in having good skin, “Keeping stress at bay can enhance the skin’s barrier function, that makes it less permeable, less sensitive and less reactive.”


To help you relax and look radiant, Dr. Howard has some relaxation tips you can use everyday.


1.Positive Reinforcement


Write down something positive that happened during the day right before you go to bed. This will remind you (to feel good) on those really stressful days.


2. Inner Beauty Sleep


When it comes to sleeping, the best thing you can do is remove all technology from your bedroom. This means not having your laptop, TV, cell phone or tablet in bed with you too late. Try to avoid having these items in your bedroom after 10 o’clock.


3. Let it Out


Take a look at how you usually deal with stress. It might hold the key to becoming more relaxed. Dr. Howard says you should always talk to people you trust about a problem, or try writing out a list of your problems and brainstorm what you can do about them.


4. Just Say “No”


Practice saying ‘no.’ Those who are most content take on a reasonable workload in which they can achieve a sense of balance.


Remember that your skin and body are very smart; sometimes they know you’re stressed out before you do. Try making a routine out of Dr. Howard’s tips and see the difference they make in your skin and your life.


Happy Stress-free Skincare,