How to Wear Shimmering Holiday Makeup

December 12, 2013 Posted by December 12, 2013 CategoryBeauty

How to Wear Shimmering Holiday Makeup ‘Tis the season to break out your favorite blinging beauty products, but just because you’re adding more flash to your look doesn’t mean you have to resemble the holiday party decorations.


Wearing glitter, or even shimmer, with taste and style can be a challenge. Glimmering makeup can look gorgeous in the packaging but completely wrong on your face.


The last thing we want to feel like is a throwback to junior high, so we put together a few guidelines on how you can sparkle without going overboard, or worse, looking age-inappropriate.


Shimmer not Glitter 
The first step to getting a more grown-up glittery look is to stick with silky, shimmery shadows and stay away from big sparkles. The second is all about how you apply it.


For the most flattering look, combine your shimmery shadow with a darker matte color. Use the dark color in your crease to create a smoky eye. Add the sparkly shadow to the inner corner of your eye and use it near your tear duct. This will open up your peepers and give you doe-eyed look.


Substitute Eye Shadow for Liner
The winter makeup trend report is in, and shimmery eyeliner is front and center. Pair a shimmery liner with your usual makeup to add a little sparkle to your look.


Choose a shade that is light and nude for your skin tone. This will highlight your eyes and make them look bigger. For extra pizzazz, dot the skin next to your tear duct.


Stay Glamorous!


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