How To Reverse Skin Damage in Four Weeks

January 2, 2015 Posted by January 2, 2015 CategorySkincare

How To Reverse Skin Damage in Four Weeks


Between eating unhealthy food, sleeping with makeup on, late nights, and stressful days, our skin can go through a lot in December.


We know that bad habits can cause long-term skin damage but we rarely talk about reversing skin damage.


It sounds like it’s too good to be true, and while you can’t change genetics or natural changes in your skin; you can actually counteract some lifestyle and environmental skin damage with good skincare, and lifestyle habits.


According to CNN, and Dermatologist Debra Luftman, a skincare routine that decreases inflammation can make your skin look visibly better in one month.


Beauty Sleep


Look at your sleeping schedule and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re feeling tired, set a regular sleeping schedule. When you sleep, skin rebuilds itself so make sure you’re consistently getting enough sleep.


Check Your Routine


Second, look at your skincare products and make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes or dyes. These can cause inflammation, irritation and redness. Simple Skincare products are free of all of these as well as parabens.


Water Your Skin


Most of us don’t get enough water and this can have a visible affect on skin. Staying hydrated plumps up your skin cells and helps flush out toxins. Try to drink about eight glasses of water daily.


Lastly, remember that our habits and skincare products can have a big impact on skin. When you combine both good products and a solid routine, your skin can reap the benefits.