How a Dermatologist Applies Skincare Products

November 4, 2014 Posted by November 4, 2014 CategorySkincare

How a Dermatologist Applies Skincare Products


Using your favorite skincare products might seem like a no brainer but surprisingly, many of us get it wrong.


Skincare Expert Dr. Debra Luftman says that that way we apply skincare can have long-term affects on skin that could result in permanent skin damage.


To stop your skin for falling victim to such a common (and easily preventable!) skincare mishap, follow these product application rules from Dr. Luftman.


Put a Ring on It
Most of us apply skincare products using our index and middle fingers. This is a mistake because the index finger is very strong and presses down on your skin, and its underlying tissue. This can cause sagging overtime.


Instead, apply face cream with your ring and middle fingers. The ring finger is much weaker and will be more gentle by not pressing down on skin.


Go High End
To keep your skin taught, apply cream in upward, circular strokes. Never apply skincare products in downward motions. This can cause sagging over time and nobody wants that!


Resist Rubbing
We know it tough to avoid rubbing your face when applying skincare products, especially if you’re in a rush but resist the urge to rub.


Like using your index finger, rubbing and applying force can


Follow this guide to make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your skin healthy and radiant.