Good Reads: De-Stressing with a Book

December 23, 2013 Posted by December 23, 2013 CategoryWellness

Good Reads: De-Stressing with a BookFew activities are more fun than sitting down with a good book, and when that book includes nuggets of wisdom on healthy living, that makes it a must-read.


It can be hard to find moments when we can unwind from a busy day, and that’s why reading a good book is a great way to relax while learning something new.

Simple Advisory Board Psychiatrist and wellness expert Dr. Josie Howard says that relaxing is crucial for good self-care. According to Dr. Howard there are two types of relaxation: active relaxation and passive relaxation, and both are equally important to good health.


Active relaxation involves activities such as exercise and dancing, while passive relaxation includes listening to music, watching TV and – our personal favorite – reading. To celebrate this pastime, we put together a list of stimulating and fun books for your reading pleasure.


Healthy Read:“Weeknight Wonders” by Ellie Krieger
As a member of our Simple Advisory Board, we know and love Ellie as one of our favorite nutritionists, full of advice for foods that make your taste buds, your body and your skin happy.


This year, Ellie has made healthy eating even more convenient with a book packed with recipes that you can whip up while watching your weekly sitcom. We love Ellie’s recipes because they’re seasonal, healthy and easy to make.


Wellness Read: “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed

Sometimes the best way to achieve calmness is to let the personal experiences of others guide you. For those who were moved each week by The Rumpus’ “Dear Sugar” advice column comes a book from the heart of the column’s now-public author, Cheryl Strayed.


For those who never read the column, these excerpts bring the reader to places of darkness and chaos, only to spit them out onto the side of light. Strayed is attuned to her emotions, drawing from raw, real-life experiences to show advice-seekers that life does not always go as planned, and sometimes we’re all the better for it.


Fitness Read: “Kettlebell – Simple & Sinister” by Pavel Tsatsouline
2013 has been the year of kettlebell workouts and “Kettlebell” is the perfect read for those looking to start this new workout.


Seasoned trainer Pavel Tsatsaoline, introduces you to strength training and teaches you to incorporate it into a cardio routine too. Tsatsouline was one of the first fitness instructors to shine a spotlight on this trendy form of exercise, so if you’re going to try any kettlebell workout, he is a good place to start.


Honorable mention goes to SAB Fitness Expert Kacy Duke’s book “The SHOW IT LOVE Workout”. Kacy Duke is our Simple Advisory Board fitness expert, and we can’t get enough of her fun, easy and effective workouts. You can also watch a few of her workout videos on our YouTube channel for free fitness tips.


Relaxed Read: “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt
Sometimes the best way to relax is to curl up with a soap opera inspired novel. Enter “The Goldfinch,” a book that is hugely popular, and for good reason!


This is a novel where heartbreak, suspense and art all come together to tell the story of 13-year-old Theo, a boy whose has been uprooted after surviving the accident from which his mother was not so lucky to escape. From there, Tartt takes us on a fast-paced adventure that shows how obsession, survival and the inevitable twists and turns of life can lead Theo to places he never could have imagined.


So for your own mental wellbeing, put down the “to do” list and pick up the “to read” list, and maybe add some recommendations from Simple to your list of must-reads.