Four Steps to Flawless No Makeup Skin

October 14, 2014 Posted by October 14, 2014 CategoryBeauty

Four Steps to Flawless No Makeup Skin


As any fashionista knows, the barefaced look took over the runways this September.


For years, it seemed that no look was complete without makeup, but lately, the “makeup free” beauty trend has been making a comeback.


Don’t freak out if you’re not used to going barefaced. All you need is a change in your skincare routine to make your skin look its best. We promise that it doesn’t take a ton of time or buying expensive products. It does take following a few basic rules of skincare that we put together to help you get the real no makeup look.


Rule #1: Stop Abusing Makeup
Makeup has its place, but give your skin room to breathe. Use a light powder instead of a heavy foundation, and always take your makeup off before bed.


Your skin repairs itself at night and fights against the effects of harsh chemicals and pollution. It can’t do that if you didn’t take off your makeup. Use cleansing facial wipes to remove makeup with a gentle cleanser to wash away dirt and grime. Follow with a rich moisturizer to nourish skin.


Rule #2: Full Brows Ahead
If eyes are the focus of your face, then your eyebrows are like picture frames. Over-plucked brows can throw off the proportions of your face. A full brow can help create definition, with or without makeup.


Rule #3: R & R Counts
If you’re going sans makeup, getting enough sleep counts more now than ever. Wellness expert Dr. Josie Howard says that sleep can help prevent skin sensitivity, while not sleeping can worsen inflammation and redness, neither of which looks great on a makeup-free face.


Skin suffers a lot when you’re sleep deprived, so go to bed early and stick to a sleeping schedule. You’ll see less irritation, sensitivity and redness with a full night’s rest.


Rule #4: Drink Up
When going completely makeup free, hydration is very important for good skin. You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times, and that’s because this rule is very important. Hydration can help flush out toxins from your skin, help plump it up and provide that coveted glow.


Don’t be afraid of the real makeup-free look. Follow these good skin rules and try it out for yourself!