Find Your Bliss With Good Rituals

March 13, 2014 Posted by March 13, 2014 CategoryWellness

Find Your Bliss With Good Rituals

Spring has sprung, and as the weather warms up one of the biggest things on everyone’s mind is preparing for the coming change in seasons with a new skincare routine or even starting a new yoga class.


It’s one thing to swear that you’ll go to the gym daily and eat salad. It’s another to actually do it, because building any good habit – regardless of what it is – takes a little practice. The good news is that once you know the steps, getting to your goal will be easy!


Whether you want to learn how to meditate or achieve a big life goal, Dr. Josie Howard said that, “Harnessing the power of rituals is a really important part of wellness in terms of making a positive impact both internally and externally.”


In short, the happier you are, the more endorphins your body will produce. Endorphins aren’t just a feel good hormone; they also help your skin look good by bringing down stress levels that can irritate sensitive skin, according to Dr. Howard.


Making a 5-Minute Commitment
When we said it was easy to build a healthy habit, we meant it but that means you have to set to intention to make a change. “What exactly is ‘setting intention’ and how do I get to the easy part of this?” you may ask.


Setting an intention means taking a few minutes everyday to think about what you want to accomplish. This part is huge because it gives you the power to produce real chemical changes in your brain that can help drive you to reach your goals.


“Set aside 5 minutes each morning to think about goal setting in terms of the long-term goals or short-term goals so you feel like keeping a long term goal in mind… Even write it down and put it in your phone (with an alert), and that can actually produce changes,” said Dr. Howard.


It can take about 2-weeks to get used to a new routine, so don’t give up after a few days. Set aside your 5 minutes of daily motivation and commit to doing one small action a day to get close to your goal.


Next thing you know, it will become a part of your daily routine!

Find Your Bliss With Good Rituals