Feng Shui Tips for an Organized Workspace

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Feng Shui Tips for an Organized Workspace

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Given the number of hours that most of us spend at the office, it’s crucial to have a comfortable, vibrant and energetic environment!

Whether you’re crunching numbers or coming up with creative ideas, spending a few minutes applying the principles of feng shui to your office space can help you feel happier and more productive at work.

Feng shui uses on ancient Chinese principles of natural energy flow to create a harmonious environment.  In your office, making small changes to a few key spaces — your desk, walls, windows, and the doorway — can boost your productivity, refresh your energy and take down your stress levels.

De-Clutter Your Desk
A clean, uncluttered workspace keeps you calm and focused.  Organize your office with storage containers and filing systems so that anything you’re not using can be safely stored out of sight.   Then, remove or minimize the objects on your desk, because too many objects on your work surface can disrupt your energy flow.

Placement and Position
Never place your desk so that your back is to the door.  Business comes in through the doorway, and turning your back on it can cost you both money and opportunities.

Create An Inviting Entry
Invite positive energy and opportunities into your workspace with a welcoming doorway.  Make it bright and inviting, and make sure that nothing impedes entry or blocks your doorway.

Use Color and Light
Use adjustable lights to keep your office balanced and well-lit.  In addition to fluorescent overhead lights, fill in gaps with table or floor lamps.  If you have natural light available, move your desk so that the light hits at an angle.
Color can shift the energy in your workspace.  Use reds, yellows and pinks to create an energetic space, blues or greens to create calming energy, and whites to help with focus and productivity.  If you can’t paint the walls, using wall art in these color families can have many of the same effects.

With these tips, you’ll be calmer, more energetic, and more successful in no time!