Fall’s Hottest Nail Polish Color: Green

October 7, 2013 Posted by mvais@sapient.com October 7, 2013 CategoryBeauty

Fall’s Hottest Nail Polish Color: Green

The leaves may turn hues of red and orange during the fall, but this season’s hottest nail polish is staying a dark leafy-green.


Every year, fashion week spawns the “it” color for nails that will decorate the hands of fashionistas for months to come, and this year that color was a stunning metallic green.


We went gaga for this sparkly shade because it looks chic at the office, and the subtle metallic shimmer is the perfect manicure for a fun night out. It also happens to be our signature color, so we’ve seen a lot of green fingernails around the office!


The striped, shaded and dripped look also ruled the nails of some of our favorite fashion week models, and this is the perfect excuse to experiment with different shades of green on your nails.


So paint one nail a light green, and go for a dark hue on the rest  – or go for a classic dark mani with our favorite new leafy hue!


I’m off for my green mani & pedi!