Face Wipes 101

December 3, 2013 Posted by mvais@sapient.com December 3, 2013 CategoryProduct

SimpleWhile most of us have a reliable cleanser as part of a daily skincare routine, there is one often-forgotten product that’s a must-have for every beauty closet: face wipes.


These powerful little cleansers are sometimes overlooked when choosing skincare products, but Simple Advisory Board dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman is a huge advocate of the wipes, and she thinks it’s time people start appreciating their versatility.


How to Use Face Wipes, from Dr. Luftman
1. Remove the wipe from the self-sealing bag
2.Open the wipe, and then start at the forehead and wipe in a horizontal fashion on each region of the face
3.If you need to remove thick makeup, use a second wipe and repeat


Why We Love Face Wipes
“[I love] the convenience of face wipes, and the fact that you don’t have to wash them like a wash cloth,” says Dr. Luftman.  They’re also great in three distinct circumstances: on the go, at the gym and on an airplane.


When you’re going out, pack wipes in your purse. They fit easily, and are a great go-to cleansing product while you’re making a pit stop or doing a quick once-over in a public restroom.


We also highly recommend putting face wipes in your gym bag. After a workout it’s important to get any impurities off your face right away, and this exactly when you should put your face wipes to use.


Mistakes to Avoid
If you’re having trouble with your face wipes, Dr. Luftman believes it may be because you’re choosing the wrong ones for your skin type. “If you have dry skin, use a wipe with an oily base,” says Dr. Luftman. “If you have oily skin, use a wipe that is more astringent. If your skin is dull use a wipe that brightens the skin.”


Also be sure that you’re not reusing face wipes like washcloths. Face wipes are good for a one-time use only. Trying to reuse them means you could be spreading germs, and this may lead to breakouts or irritation.


Now that you have the down low on all things face wipes, consider making them a part of your everyday skincare routine.


Happy Skincare,