Desperately Seeking Stylish Frames

December 17, 2013 Posted by December 17, 2013 CategoryBeauty

Desperately Seeking Stylish Frames A pair of stylish frames can be a girl’s best friend, or if they don’t fit her face, her worst enemy.


Finding that one special pair of frames that speak to your style can seem tough, especially if you don’t have the perfect face shape. The truth is you just have to follow some easy rules to pick out glasses that bring out your features instead of hiding them.


This face shape is characterized with a wide jaw and a wide forehead. If you have a square face, the Co-Founder of Warby Parker recently mentioned to the Styleist, to avoid glasses with hard lines because they can make your face look too boxy.


Instead, he recommends, “A frame that is wider than the widest part of the face helps to balance the proportion of a square face.”


Heart shaped faces have a pointy chin that is usually smaller than the forehead. If you’re a heart, the key to your bespectacled look is balance. Look for frames that are a little wider at the bottom, this will brings a sense of proportion to your look.


Blumenthal suggests you, “Balance the curve of your face, so choose square, rectangle or upswept glasses to balance your face,” for the most flattering look.


If you have an oval face, you’re blessed to have the most versatile and well-proportioned face shape. People with oval faces can wear pretty much any frame style and look great. For you the sky is the limit for you and really, your only limit is your personal style.


So embrace your face and find the frame that looks best!


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