Can Your Skin Handle the Stress Test?

January 15, 2015 Posted by Simple January 15, 2015 CategoryWellness



With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, most of us get stressed out almost on a daily basis and this can have a big impact on your skin.


Stress hormones can do some scary things to your skin, according to WebMD. Being nervous all the time can make skin more prone to irritation.


So how do can you tell if your skin is stressed? Take this “Stress Test” and find out if your need to take a little bit of me time to care for yourself and your skin.


1. Feel for rough spots: Healthy skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. Of course, all skin is different but generally speaking your skin should not feel flakey or rough. If it does, it might be a sign that your skin is stressed.
2. Redness or blemishes: Getting a pimple doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is acne prone. Sometimes stress hormones can worsen breakouts and make your skin more susceptible to irritation.
3. Increased sensitivity: If your favorite skincare product is suddenly bothering you and you’ve been feeling frazzled, stress could be to blame. Visit the dermatologist to check your skin if you see irritation and get diagnosed. In the meantime, if you’re using products with fragrances, parabens or harsh chemicals, try switching to a skincare line that doesn’t include them, like Simple Skincare.


Of course there are many other symptoms of stressed skin, and the best person to ask about this is your doctor. However, if you see any of these symptoms in your skin, it might be time to take some me time to unwind and pamper yourself, and your skin.