Beauty How-To: Halloween Makeup Removal

October 31, 2013 Posted by October 31, 2013 CategoryBeauty

thursHalloween is a night of crazy beauty looks… and it’s finally here! After you’ve mastered the “purrfect” cat-eye for your look, make sure you’re not hurting the delicate skin around your eyes when taking it off.


Most people think they know how to take off eye makeup, but the truth is that many of us regularly commit the cardinal sins of healthy skincare when it comes to the under-eye area.


One of the most common mistakes is to fall asleep with makeup on, especially after a night out. According to celebrity makeup artist and Simple Advisory Board makeup expert Gita Bass, sleeping with your makeup on can cause puffiness and irritation.


Plenty of us are also guilty of being too rough with our delicate eye area, over-rubbing our eyes when we remove our eye makeup.


To ensure you’re giving your peepers good TLC when you take off tonight’s make up, follow these easy steps.


Step One
Choose a gentle eye makeup remover that won’t irritate your skin. Start by using a cotton swab, and adding a generous amount of remover to it.


Step Two
Close your eye and gently hold the swab over them, allowing the remover sit on the skin for about 2-3 seconds. You know how it tends to be easier to take a stain off clothes when they’ve been pre-soaked? The same principle applies here – when you allow the remover to sit on the skin, it makes taking off heavy makeup easier.


Step Three
Gently wipe your eye, but be extra careful not to tug, even if there is residual makeup on your face. The tugging motion is what can make your skin sag with time. Just repeat steps one and two if you still have traces of makeup on your face.


Step Four
Invest in a worthy eye cream. A common belief is that eye creams are unnecessary, but skipping the application of eye cream could mean your skin is missing out on serious long-term benefits. Gita says that using an eye cream twice a day may help prevent dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.


We know that sometimes after a night on the town, it can be too exhausting to go through all four steps. Be prepared by always having a pack of facial wipes in your bedside dresser for a quick wipe down before bed. This way you’ll be covered when all you want to do is hit the pillow.


Happy Halloween!