Beauty Blogger Tells All: My Biggest Beauty Blunder

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Beauty Blogger Tells All: My Biggest Beauty Blunder

Jordan Reid is the founding editor of and the host of the DIGS Channel show. She’s a former Manhattanite, new mom and author of, “The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having it All.”



I write a lot about the things I wore in high school. I wore everything from chartreuse prom dresses from the ‘50s, not-quite-right overalls, Salvation Army pajamas, and glittery eye makeup, and it was all very confusing-looking…but the fact that it was confusing-looking makes sense; I was confused. About who I was and what I wanted, and a lot of that came out through what I wore. 


Back Then…
I probably wouldn’t throw on a neon ball gown these days, but despite how different my life is now, some of my high school fashion choices are still around.


As an example: my makeup, more often than not, consisted of way (way, way) too dark, wine-colored lipstick paired with big black kohl-swirls that I drew outwards from the corners of my eyes onto my temples, and then topped with a dusting of glitter. And what I usually paired with this look was the oldest, most ripped-up t-shirt or sweatshirt I could find.


Something about the contrast between a done-up face and a don’t-care outfit…I just liked it.


I still do.


And Now…
When I wear deep burgundy lipstick these days, I do it a little differently. The kohl swirls are gone (though you can see echoes of them here; I still like my eyeliner to be seen, not hinted at). I’ve mostly aged out of glitter…but wine-colored lips are a classic, and I don’t think they’re just for autumn. Nowadays, though, I steer clear of heavy matte dark shades – they’re just too much for my face.


Here’s how I wear dark colors now: the bare minimum on my skin Simple Skincare Nourishing 24HR Day/Night Cream mixed with a tiny bit of foundation and concealer to cover any spots – dark red lipstick will highlight any redness in your skin, so it’s important to start with a flawless face). I top my base with barely-there blush, the faintest hint of eggplant on my eyes, and lastly, the thinnest swipe of liner.


Add some false eyelashes, because we can’t go too minimal now, can we?


I’ve written before about how often I felt silly or ridiculous or just plain out-of-place when I was in high school.


There’s something very special in the realization that I may have been trying on different costumes in search of who I really was…but through all that searching, a part of the real me – the me who’s here there today – was coming through, because I just couldn’t help it.


It’s just a lipstick and an old sweatshirt. That was me back then, and it’s still me now, and there’s something very cool about that.  



This article originally appeared on Jordan Reid’s blog, Ramshackle Glam