Beauty and the Beach

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Beauty and the Beach


Jordan Reid is the founding editor of and the host of the DIGS Channel show. She’s a former Manhattanite, new mom and author of, “The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having it All.”


Ah, the natural “beach beauty” look. It seems so easy when you see it in a magazine. Dewy skin, perfectly tousled wavy hair, mascara that somehow never runs … We don’t know about you but that’s not how we usually look at the beach.


That said, we recently discovered that mastering this look actually takes a little bit of effort but we promise, it’s only a little bit. Here’s our guide to seaside beauty from sunrise to sunset. Follow these easy steps and you’ll get in touch with your inner beach goddess in no time.


Before Heading to the Beach


1. Protecting your skin is your first priority, so apply a teaspoon of SPF to your face, and don’t forget your neck and décolletage.


2. Choose a hairstyle that’s won’t fight the elements, like a messy bun. Apply a little anti-frizz serum to your ends and twist damp hair into a low knot or braid. At the end of the day, you can take it down and you’ll have pretty, soft waves.


3. For makeup use a golden cream eye shadow that won’t crease or run, waterproof mascara, and a lip stain that’ll add lasting color without the goop of lip gloss. Try dusting a little shimmer onto your shoulders for on-the-sand glam.


At the Beach


1. Use facial cleansing wipes, like Simple Skincare Radiance Cleansing Wipes to refresh before reapplying your sunscreen mid-day and after you get out of the water. If your mascara runs, try the Eye Makeup Remover Pads.


2. A beach day is the perfect excuse to buy a chic, wide-brimmed hat. Wear it all day long to protect your skin, and try to go with one that’s big enough to cast a shadow over your whole face.


After the Beach


1. Don’t forget to apply (a lot) of moisturizer. Try Simple Skincare Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer, it’s nice and cooling after you’ve been in the sun.


2. Bump up your makeup for the evening with a bright lip color and a little liquid eyeliner, and you’re ready to go.


Written by Jordan Reid. You can read more from Jordan on her blog, Ramshackle Glam.