Beauty Alert! Bold Brows: Learn How To Get Them

November 5, 2013 Posted by November 5, 2013 CategoryBeauty

Simple_110513 If there’s one facial feature that can help you look vibrant and beautiful without a stitch of make up, it’s thick, well-groomed eyebrows.


Bold brows are all the rage in fashion and have been spotted on some of our favorite Hollywood starlets. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally luscious eyebrows.


We’ve all been guilty of over-plucking ours, and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for them to grow out. If you’ve been a little too tweezer-happy, there is a way to get your full eyebrows back, or help them grow out to their full potential.


It will take time and patience, but the results will be worth it.


Learn the Art of Lotion & Sunscreen Application
Here at Simple, we’re big advocates of wearing moisturizer daily for vibrant, healthy-looking skin. When it comes to eyebrows, however, sunscreen and moisturizer are not your friend. Lotions and sunscreens can get inside your hair follicles and clog them, which can make it difficult for your eyebrow hair to grow.


To avoid this, be sure to continue to use your moisturizer as usual, but avoids your eyebrows area completely. Once you stop applying them, your hair follicles will clear up and allow hair to grow back faster.


Exfoliate to Stimulate Growth
Over time, hair follicles can get clogged from the products we use. You might have lots of eyebrow hairs just waiting to sprout through, and you can help speed the process along with exfoliation.


Try a gentle scrub a few times a week to remove debris from the hair follicle.


Patience is a Virtue
This may be tough to hear, but if you’ve been over-plucking since your teens, it may take as long as a full year to grow back your eyebrows to their full potential.


During this time, take out only obvious strays that are far below your natural brow bone. Or better yet, don’t touch them at all. If you can’t keep your hands off, visit an esthetician who will maintain your brows’ natural shape while you’re growing them out.


It can be really tough to grow out your eyebrows, especially when hair doesn’t grow back evenly, but your patience will be rewarded when you unveil eyebrows you didn’t even know you had.




Happy Skincare!