An Essential Cleanse When You Have Zero Time

September 22, 2014 Posted by September 22, 2014 CategorySkincare

An Essential Cleanse When You Have Zero Time

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As one busy mama, I don’t have time for a long skincare cleansing ritual. Which is why I’m streamlining my routine down to a couple of key products, and letting them relieve my skin from all the exhaustion and stress I’ve been carrying around lately!  

The busiest people are often the least likely to take extra-good care of themselves, and I’m making sure I don’t fall into that trap.  

Because my nighttime sleep is intensely valuable (and rare!) these days, it’s crucial for me to have products that can save me a few minutes when I need it!  I rely on Simple Skincare Eye Make-up Remover Pads and Radiance Cleansing Wipes to cut my nighttime routine down to 60 seconds flat when I need it most.  (As a new mom, those wipes have taken on lifesaving status when the baby won’t go to sleep!)

But most of the time, I make sure to use a proper cleanser and moisturizer.  So no skincare cleanse would be complete without two of my absolute favorites, Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub and Nourishing 24HR Day/Night Cream.  If you haven’t tried the 24HR Day/Night Cream yet, let me tell you: it’s seriously awesome.   And the fact that it works for day and night makes it extra perfect!

With those four products, I’m planning to give my skin some much-needed rest.  Hopefully by this time next week, my skin will be replenished and refreshed — and ready to take on the world!


This post was originally published on Katy’s blog, Sugarlaws.