All-American Makeup Look for the 4th of July

July 21, 2014 Posted by July 21, 2014 CategoryBeauty

All American Makeup Look for the 4th of July

Jordan Reid is the founding editor of and the host of the DIGS Channel show. She’s a former Manhattanite, new mom and author of, “The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having it All.” This post originally appeared on her blog, Ramshackle Glam

It’s almost the Fourth of July, and you’re probably already thinking about a holiday makeup look.


It’s a holiday, so it’s a fun time to play with your look…but that doesn’t mean you have to paint on red lips and sparkly blue eye shadow in keeping with the Fourth of July theme (although if you want to, obviously go for it).


Here’s are a few go-to beauty tricks for your long weekend. Try a hint of festive color on the eyes (like a little neon-blue eyeliner), and a bright lip in a slightly less expected shade than classic red.


1. Start with sunscreen, even if you’re going to be in the shade.

2. If you want to wear face makeup, keep it as minimal as possible. A little concealer on spots and a light dusting of bronzer across your T-zone are really all you need.

3. Creamy formulas stay put better in steamy weather, so choose a cream blush (or a stain) rather than a powder one. 

4. Don’t forget to carry wipes with you in case you need a midday refresher (I like Simple Skincare Radiance Cleansing Wipes, with mango extract).

5. Go for waterproof formulas on your eyes (Sephora makes an excellent waterproof liquid liner) and bring along a travel-sized pack of Eye Make-Up Remover Pads just in case your makeup runs. 

6. The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to try a bold lip color, but glosses can be a pain in the heat (and at the beach, what with the wind and sand and all). Instead, try a bright matte shade that will look just as pretty as it fades, and top with an SPF-containing, non-glossy balm to keep lips soft.