A Beauty Routine for Hot City Days

May 27, 2014 Posted by mvais@sapient.com May 27, 2014 CategoryBeauty

A Beauty Routine for Hot City Days

Jordan Reid is the founding editor of RamshackleGlam.com and the host of the DIGS Channel show. She’s a former Manhattanite, new mom and author of, “The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having it All.”

Summer can throw some tricky curve balls your way when it comes to looking your very best, especially if you’re living in the city. High humidity can result in your makeup sliding right off your face, and can leave you feeling decidedly less-than-fresh. 


How to handle the heat? Don’t complicate your skincare routine and use fewer products. The less you have to fuss with, the less can go wrong in your beauty routine!


Exfoliate to reveal glowing summer skin, especially if you’re going to apply self-tanner to your face. The Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub is gentle and effective. Your skin may be more sensitive in the summertime (not to mention those sweat-blocked pores!), so start with an ultra-light moisturizer with sunscreen, like Simple Skincare Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15. And don’t forget to tuck some refreshing wipes into your purse – these can be an incredible pick-me-up in the midday heat. Try Simple Skincare Radiance Cleansing Wipes – they contain skin-loving mango extract, and help soothe a flushed face.

If you must use foundation, try applying a primer first: the product creates a barrier between your skin and the hot air, and can help your makeup stay put where it’s supposed to be. Choose silicone-based primer and foundation if you can; these are far more resistant to running. And for your concealer, go for a waterproof formula.

Applying powder over sweaty skin just creates a big mess, so embrace the heat and choose cream products for your eye shadow and blush; these are not only less likely to crease and cake, but play into the idea of a glowing, fresh summer look. Finish with waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and your hot-weather self will look fresh and lovely no matter how high the thermostat rises.

Written by Jordan Reid. You can read more from Jordan on her blog, Ramshackle Glam.