3 Cheap Weekend Trips to Get You Out of the City

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3 Cheap Weekend Trips to Get You Out of the City

Nothing says summer like a fun weekend vacation, especially when you’re tired of your workday commute, and just need to take a break.


In case you were feeling guilty and looking for an excuse to give yourself a break, we’re happy to tell you that the health benefits of taking a break, even if it’s a short trip, are huge.


We don’t give vacations nearly enough credit for helping us de-stress and relax. Both activities can actually help you get more done in the future, according to Psychiatrist Josie Howard.


Dr. Howard also notes that the benefits of getting away aren’t limited to your mental well-being. Vacations can also help your skin because they lower stress hormones that can irritate and make skin more sensitive. Stress can also damage collagen and make you look older in the long run.


And, on that note…Let’s take a trip ASAP! Here are three of our favorite weekend getaway options that will make you forget your cares.


Cabin Fever
Even if you live in a city, there’s always nature a short drive away. You can do a cheap trip if you look for an AirBnB or split a hotel with your girlfriends. Make this one a weekend of hiking, or just enjoying the nature around you.


Hey, Neighbor
When something is close, we tend to take it for granted. You can always visit a charming town that’s next to yours, right? Look up some that are a close drive and plan a trip! Book a cheap hotel and make most of your activities about exploring the city. If you go with girlfriends you can do super girly stuff, like antiquing.


Farm Forward
Even if you live in a huge metropolis, you’re never too far away from a farm. Usually these farms host picking days and different activities for farm visitors. This is the perfect opportunity to get a bit of fresh air and exercise while trying something new.


Have a Fun Trip!

3 Cheap Weekend Trips to Get You Out of the City