2 Scary Side Affects of Sleeping With Makeup On

August 24, 2014 Posted by mvais@sapient.com August 24, 2014 CategorySkincare

2 Scary Side Affects of Sleeping With Makeup On


There’s something that one third of U.S. women do that can make skin more sensitive. However, unlike a lot of bad habits this one is very easy to correct.

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out late and go straight to bed or maybe, you’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is get some rest.


So you break one of the most easy beauty rules to follow and fall asleep with makeup on. Maybe you never take your makeup off or maybe you fall asleep without washing your face once in a while. In both cases, you could be doing serious damage to your skin, according to the Huffington Post.


Some of the side effects include larger pores, acne, sensitivity and premature aging. The Huffington Post states that this can happen for multiple reasons.


First, our skin is exposed to a lot of pollution during the day. The pollution and free radicals stick to your face more when you’re wearing makeup. If you’re not washing your face, the harsh chemicals stay on your face and cause damage while you sleep.


This is a double whammy for your skin because nighttime is when your skin is rebuilding itself. If you don’t wash your face, it makes it much harder for your skin to regenerate.


Second, the gunk of makeup and dirt gets into your pores. If left in your pores, it will stretch them and once pores become bigger it’s very tough to shrink them.


To prevent all of this from happening to you, the obvious answer is wash your face before bed. Keep a pack of Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes in your nightstand for the night when you’re really tired. Of course, wiping and then cleansing is ideal. This way you’re taking off makeup and washing away any leftover impurities but wipes are a great cleansing tool when that’s not possible.


When it comes to your skin there’s usually no need for any drastic actions, like fancy spa treatments to help it glow more. Skin is smart by nature and will rejuvenate itself if you let it breathe with a good nighttime cleansing routine.